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Our team are dedicated to the use and exploration of herbs and plants in daily life. The joy of making teas and a love of experimentation with different flavours and effects are a crucial prerequisite of the job. From common ailments to profound healing, simple enjoyment to extraordinary pleasure, we believe there is a herb to suit all occasions. Anyone can read about herbs in text books, but it’s not until the herb is tasted and experienced that a deeper relationship with the plant is made. In some traditional societies (and in our own alternative culture) when this deeper relationship with a plant is formed, that plant becomes an ‘ally’. 

This is an important element in the art of herbalism and plant culture.


Elen began working at Happy High Herbs Nimbin in 2004,  after arriving in Nimbin from her home in the mountains of North Wales, UK. She started managing the store in 2005 and has owned and operated the business since 2008. Elen is passionate about global transformation and the special role that plant medicines have in the evolution of human consciousness. She engages in constant learning, studying a wide variety of disciplines. Elen’s life intention is to live in service to the spirit of love and healing, and to work towards sustainable health and happiness for all the communities with whom we share this great Earth.



Marco’s journey with the plants began at a young age. Having a father who practiced Chinese medicine, Marco was exposed to many herbal remedies throughout childhood. Later in life he found an interest in permaculture, which sparked the desire to move to the Nimbin area and live closer to nature. More recently he has developed an interest in Ethnobotany, the study of the relationship between people and plants. By learning more about how humans connect with the natural world, he hopes to inspire people to do just that. Marco enjoys learning about plant propagation and hopes to grow a medicinal plant garden where interested people may learn and connect.



Maria has worked in the Happy Herb world since 2012. She is intrigued by the relationship between humans and the plant world, and believes that through the cultivation and use of plants, people can reconnect to the natural world and ultimately, to themselves. An avid gardener and apprentice wild food forager in her native Ireland, Maria first came to Nimbin in 2011 to study permaculture. She is currently studying a certificate in herbalism and diploma in nutritional therapy.