Herbs for Love

Sensuality and Arousal Using Herbs


Still, imagination aside, there is ample evidence from traditional practices and scientific studies that herbs for love and a variety of plants can support heightened sexual activity. Slippery elm for increasing lubrication, ginseng for sexual stamina and dong quai for fertility, herbs can help both men and women re-discover sexual health or reach new levels of peak performance. Mother Nature intended that we enjoy the essential act of procreation!

Damiana ~ how does it work?

From around the world there are countless herbs traditionally used to intensify passion and sexual arousal for both men and women. Our most popular and beloved herb in this range is undoubtably damiana. In Latin American countries it has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac and tonic. In a more modern context Damiana is used to rejuvenate working mums, beat the post-work blues, recover lost libido and lubricate desire. It’s sweet scented terpenes add sensual delight to the bedroom palette, as well as uplifting the spirit by gently stimulating the central nervous system.

Damiana 2

Damiana’s beneficial effects as a yang tonic for the kidney meridian (TCM) also explain some of it’s uses as an aphrodisiac, nourishing the deep chi of the body. By helping to reduce the overproduction of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the adrenal gland, damiana also helps to gently rebalance the endocrine (hormonal) system bringing us back to a natural state of healthy arousal and bliss.

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