Herbs for Smoking

Herbs are great to smoke.

 At Happy High Herbs Nimbin we endeavour to bring you the highest class of herbs for smoking in their purest forms. We specialise in using fusion blends to create delightful mixes just for you. Mellow Yellow, Magic Moon Mix, Mardigrass Magic and Flower Power are mixes sold uniquely by us and have proved very popular.


Before tobacco was introduced into Europe some five hundred years ago there were a variety of commonly found herbs used for the enjoyment of smoking. Several of these smoking herbs were considered beneficial to the lung. The latin name for coltsfoot, tussilago farfarra, means ‘to relieve the chesty cough’.  In Africa also, herbs such as Lionstail were smoked for dancing and celebration.

Traditional Perspectives , Sacred Alchemy and Ritual

Smoking clean, natural herbs draws in the element of fire and connects us with ritual and relaxation. The transformation, through fire, from material (leaf or flower) to immaterial (smoke or vapour) is a reflection of the transition between life and death. Smoking therefore contains the potential to ‘carry’ us through the ‘veil’ to the world of the ancestors. When used moderately herbs for smoking have no negative long-term effects for most people.

In many ancient traditions that continue to this day smoke and vapour from herbs and plant extracts such as resins and bark are understood to be cleansing for people and for spaces. Smudge sticks made of white sage or mugwort have a long tradition of use in cultures all around the world as tools for purification when ‘negative energies’ pollute an environment. 

Smoking in the Modern Mainstream

So, considering all this, why has smoking been demonised in our mainstream culture? In Australia the ‘plain paper packaging’ regulations on all tobacco products now means that tobacco packets are printed with toxic images and grotesque photos of dying people and physical sickness. How ironic, when tobacco has been used as one of the primary healing and purifying medicines in the traditions of Latin American medicine for literally thousands of years.

Surely, if the regulatory authorities are so concerned about the negative health effects of commercially available tobacco they would regulate against the addition of the cocktail of chemical additions which are added to the tobacco. Ammonia (a highly toxic poison) is routinely added to tobacco leaves, making the affinity of the nicotine four hundred times greater in it’s binding at the human cellular level to the cells of humans, limiting the cell’s capacity to carry oxygen and creating a heavy dependence on the regular re-consumption. Thus creating addiction for the purpose of greater profit.  

This chemical cocktail found in tobacco products, and similar harsh chemical additives in products such as ‘Spice’ mean that our mission, to provide natural, beneficial herbs for the enjoyment of smoking, is now more important than ever.

New Ways to Enjoy…..

At Happy High Herbs Nimbin we encourage occasional smoking for ritual, enjoyment and relaxation. We specialise in creating smoking blends using only the finest locally grown and organically sourced natural ingredients. As smokers ourselves we seek to ensure that our blends are pure, smooth, tasty. Often we will include flower petals such as calendula, lilly or rose to add colour and flavour as well as differing effects.  Come and explore the delights of the sweet and sensuous world of smoke…….